Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is home to more than 300 migratory and permanent bird species; 160 kinds of fish that include caviar-bearing sturgeon and 800 plant families. The wetland  reserve comprises  channels and canals widening into tree-fringed lakes, reed islands, numerous lakes and marshes, oak forests intertwined with lianas creepers, and traditional fishing villages. Danube_Delta_Pelican02

The Danube Delta is a genuine  fauna paradise. 98% of all the aquatic fauna in Europe live here. There are 65 species of fish, 60% of which are freshwater, whilst the remaining 40% migrate here from the Black Sea in spring, including sturgeon and mackerel. The Delta is well known for Carp fishing.

Of course the Delta is most  famous for its birds. There are an incredible 327 species, including 109 migratory species, which arrive in the autumn, winter or spring. 141 of the species are aquatic birds, making up 82% of all Europe’s aquatic bird species. This is truly a bird-lovers paradise. Danube_Delta_802

Europe’s biggest colony of pelicans is here, where thousands of common pelicans live side-by-side with hundreds of curly pelicans. Highlights also include herons, rowers, crested larks and terns. 60% of the entire world population of small cormorants live here. There are of course many species of ducks and geese too, whilst the riverside coppices are inhabited by Sylvas, fly catchers, nightingales, tits, and chaffinches amongst many more.


The Danube Delta is truly  Europe’s greatest ornithological site. Whether you come to watch the birds or simply to relax in a genuine back to nature atmosphere, there is nowhere better in Europe and possibly the world.