The Serbian capital, Belgrade is situated where the River Sava joins the Danube.Belgrade

On the easily defended high ground above the confluence of the rivers, a fortress has existed for over one thousand years. The current Belgrade fortress buildings are over 250 years old.

Belgrade is a popular short break destination because of it’s lively nightlife.

There are a number of river islands. Among them is the Great War Island a sanctuary for wildlife, especially birds.Belgrade at night

Ada Ciganlija is a former island on the Sava River now joined to the shore. It has 7km of beaches and has been developed as a sports centre with facilities for golf, football, rugby, tennis, bungee jumping, water skiing, paintballing, cycling, jogging, baseball, basketball and volleyball.

The Tourist Organisation of Belgrade operates boat tours. The hour and a half trip departs from the Jugoslavija Hotel at 18.00 hours except on Mondays, with an additional trip at 16.00 at weekends. The cruises operate from the middle of May until mid October